The benefits of Cryotherapy are out there, our clients have told us just how good it works for competition soreness, strain, injury, stress, fatigue and many other competition or life ailments but they also told us, the best time to take the advantage of Cryotherapy is “when something happens” or “when we finish competing” and really, most people who have just run a 10k marathon, or a 300k bike ride or finished a hard game of football or soccer or completed any form of competition, really don’t want to travel or wait until Monday opening, to get this amazing acute relief, or They want it NOW!

Arctic Mist has the only mobile Cryosauna’s in Australia enabling Cryotherapy to be at any event prior to or post competition.

Yes, beat fatigue with Cryotherapy prior to you next race, game or competition, with Prehab Cryotherapy or sooth aches and pains in joints, muscles and ligaments with Posthab Cryotherapy, as soon as you complete your event or competition.

Arctic Mist Mobile Cryotherapy is discrete, non obtrusive, quick acute relief delivered by professionals in a purpose built and dedicated mobile configuration.

Contact us today for more information about having an Arctic Mist Mobile Cryosauna at your next event.

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